Recommendation System


Recommendation systems seek to predict user preferences and provide website users with a customized browsing experience.

Over the years’ recommendation systems have become increasingly popular and are used to augment user experience on websites.

By providing more choices they increase the likelihood of user's purchasing more products from your website.


Many popular e-commerce websites display product recommendations, a few examples shown below.

Customers Also Viewed

Best Sellers

Thinktag Features

Thinktag recommender integrates with your e-commerce website to provide users with

  • Automated product-product recommendations
  • Manual recommendations using themes

Also provides administrators with the ability to

  • Upload order history for RFM (Recency Frequency Monetary) analysis
  • Find your valuable customers

Automated recommendations

Information about users browsing products on your website is input into the recommender system.

This information is used to build product to product recommendations.

The recommender can be queried for product recommendations for displaying on the website as “Customers Also Viewed”.

Manual recommendations

Website administrator/editors can setup themes and theme to product associations on the recommender. These manual recommendations can then be queried for displaying on the website.

You could have dynamic product displays on your website, the details are shown in the demo video.

System Components

The various components in the system are shown below

System Components

Demo Website

Demo website can be managed using the admin console. See the demo video for details.

Admin Console

Admin console allows you to view information about product to product associations, manage the themes and other key functionality. See the demo video for details.